35 Ways We LOL And What They Actually Mean

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1. LOL

This was funny. I laughed, even if it was under my breath or completely inaudible. I laughed. You got a laugh, out loud.

2. lmao

I may not think what you said was literal laugh out loud worthy, but I appreciate and respect you as a human being, my friend. lmao always.


This was LOL worthy, but the volume of my laughter surprised me. As my little fingers tapped my screen to respond to you, I felt compelled to share my spontaneous joy with you, friend. LMAO indeed.

4. lollllll

Am I high right now? Answer y/n.

5. lolz

That would be worthy of a real laugh if I weren’t totally void of all emotion from staring at my computer screen for the past seven hours.

6. lol.

Whatever you said is a big no. Things between us are tenuous. I didn’t include this punctuation for…

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When You Fall For Someone Who’s Still In Love With Their Ex

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New Girl: Season 3New Girl: Season 3

At first, they will convince you that they are over her. She broke his heart, shattered it into a million little pieces, and he can’t forgive her for it. So you will convince yourself that he cannot still be in love with someone who hurt him like that. You know that you are better for him, and he knows that you are better for him. So you dive into each other, each of you hoping that this new relationship will help him forget about her.

You will have fun together. You will go on dates and laugh and meet his friends and he’ll meet yours and you’ll get drunk and you’ll think that maybe, just maybe, this could work out the way you want it to. But the only time he’ll get even close to opening up to you is when he is drunk or high…

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How To Become The Person You Want To Be

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I see her all the time. She resounds in my mind when I feel inadequate, weak, inapt. She exudes positivity; is passionate about even the simplest aspects of life. She’s dependable, charming, motivated. She takes care of herself in the morning, spends her days working towards a job she adores and her nights surrounded by people she loves.

She’s not real, of course, at least not in the traditional sense. I’ve probably invented her a thousands times over. She’s the nameless entity I’ve created in my mind that I strive to become every, single day. She is unique to us all, the image of what we want to see in our own reflections. Physically, maybe, but it goes deeper than that. We want our mirror images to show us something better than our status quo, each of us formulating particular milestones we need to hit to get there.

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7 Reasons You Should Never Love Anyone The Way You Loved Your Ex

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1. No one will ever be the same.

And it’s okay. There’s no loneliness in knowing that every human being you meet will have a different effect on you; some won’t have any at all. This notion, the one that implies we should have similar feelings of affection for every person we become romantically involved with, is problematic. It forces you to make your love life into a a journey with an end point and attach a certain value or rating to every single person along that path. This is a fallacy. There’s no end game. There’s no reason to fear that you’ll never experience love again. Sometimes this fear is so great that we try to love two people the exact same way, or we project our disappointments an old relationships onto new ones. We’re scared to go to sleep without something we had before, or to someday…

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30 Things Every Independent Woman Should Have In Her Life

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Lauren Rushing Lauren Rushing

1. A tool kit, complete with a screwdriver, hammer, tape measurer, spare lightbulb, and a long-burning candle and matches just in case.

2. A workout routine she can reach for when she needs to blow off steam or give her peace of mind.

3. A budget, a healthy savings account, and a financial plan that involves knowing how to handle all of her bills every month and take care of any emergency things that may come her way.

4. Health insurance. Really. Even if she thinks she’s young and invincible.

5. A sense of style that is unique and doesn’t require spending hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars on things that are trendy or fashionable but she doesn’t even really like deep down.

6. The self-confidence to run to the corner deli in sweats, because A) she values her comfort over what other people think of…

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75 Things My Mother Taught Me About Life

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tankist276 / (Shutterstock.com) tankist276 / (Shutterstock.com)

  1. Nothing that’s handed to you in a silver platter is worth having. And nothing worth having will be handed to you. Fight for what you want.
  2. If you have to fight, hit first. And hit hard.
  3. There is no such thing as having too much fun.
  4. You were lovely long before he loved you. You will be lovely after that, too.
  5. While drunk, don’t give your number to anyone you wouldn’t talk to when sober.
  6. There is nothing that a George Strait song can’t fix.
  7. When people act like they don’t care about you, believe them.
  8. A relationship can only end two ways: You will either break up with that person or end up marrying them. Don’t waste your time with someone unless you can accept both outcomes.
  9. No man on Earth will ever love you as much as your dad does.
  10. There’s a fine line…

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7 Books For Breakups

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Skumer / (Shutterstock.com) Skumer / (Shutterstock.com)

Maybe you just broke up with someone…or they broke up with you. Maybe you just want to help a friend. No matter what the situation, books are always a tangible way of knowing you’re not truly alone.
“We read to know we’re not alone. We read because we are alone. We read and we are not alone.”
—The Storied Life of AJ Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin


Department of Speculation by Jenny Offill
Because it’s short and bittersweet and beautifully observant about relationships and marriage.


Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed
This can make anyone feel better about any number of things but is almost guaranteed to make you look at your broken heart in a different light.


Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami
For those going through a friend breakup, because sometimes those are just as hard…

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