35 Ways We LOL And What They Actually Mean

Thought Catalog

1. LOL

This was funny. I laughed, even if it was under my breath or completely inaudible. I laughed. You got a laugh, out loud.

2. lmao

I may not think what you said was literal laugh out loud worthy, but I appreciate and respect you as a human being, my friend. lmao always.


This was LOL worthy, but the volume of my laughter surprised me. As my little fingers tapped my screen to respond to you, I felt compelled to share my spontaneous joy with you, friend. LMAO indeed.

4. lollllll

Am I high right now? Answer y/n.

5. lolz

That would be worthy of a real laugh if I weren’t totally void of all emotion from staring at my computer screen for the past seven hours.

6. lol.

Whatever you said is a big no. Things between us are tenuous. I didn’t include this punctuation for…

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