How To Become The Person You Want To Be

Thought Catalog


I see her all the time. She resounds in my mind when I feel inadequate, weak, inapt. She exudes positivity; is passionate about even the simplest aspects of life. She’s dependable, charming, motivated. She takes care of herself in the morning, spends her days working towards a job she adores and her nights surrounded by people she loves.

She’s not real, of course, at least not in the traditional sense. I’ve probably invented her a thousands times over. She’s the nameless entity I’ve created in my mind that I strive to become every, single day. She is unique to us all, the image of what we want to see in our own reflections. Physically, maybe, but it goes deeper than that. We want our mirror images to show us something better than our status quo, each of us formulating particular milestones we need to hit to get there.

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