30 Things Every Independent Woman Should Have In Her Life

Thought Catalog

Lauren Rushing Lauren Rushing

1. A tool kit, complete with a screwdriver, hammer, tape measurer, spare lightbulb, and a long-burning candle and matches just in case.

2. A workout routine she can reach for when she needs to blow off steam or give her peace of mind.

3. A budget, a healthy savings account, and a financial plan that involves knowing how to handle all of her bills every month and take care of any emergency things that may come her way.

4. Health insurance. Really. Even if she thinks she’s young and invincible.

5. A sense of style that is unique and doesn’t require spending hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars on things that are trendy or fashionable but she doesn’t even really like deep down.

6. The self-confidence to run to the corner deli in sweats, because A) she values her comfort over what other people think of…

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