This Is Why You Keep Making The Same Mistakes In Relationships

Thought Catalog

This is why you feel stuck and alone.

Because as soon as you think you’re content with being alone, someone enters your life and clouds your mind with hopeful thoughts. You get hopeful fast. Because it’s been so long since you last looked someone in the eyes with desire. You’ve been listening to sappy songs about lost love, and writing poems about occurrences you wish to come true. So that’s why when someone takes your hand with their eyes, your brain becomes the very ground beneath their feet. And they’ll walk until every inch is an embedded footprint.

But the thing is, they never physically took your hand. They never will. It doesn’t matter how many nights you go to sleep with aching thoughts of them, it just won’t make any of it happen. Because even when you feel certain that one day they will grab hold of your heart…

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