17 Completely Ridiculous Texts You Can Only Send Your Best Friend

Thought Catalog

1. The untold hundreds of selfies you want to post to Instagram or Snapchat, but don’t want to seem too conceited, but you’re having a really good hair day today so you just gotta share it with someone.

2. Screencaps of text arguments you’re having with someone else, if only so that you don’t feel alone in judging someone hard for the little pixelated bubble that is currently making you seethe with rage.

3. Or screencaps of things your crush said, because somebody has to decode their “k.” for you before you lose your mind. Your heart is on the line here, people.

4. All the random thoughts keeping you awake at 3:17 in the morning, because you know that when they wake up, they will not judge you for bombarding their phone with 18 new messages about absolutely everything and nothing all at once.

5. Images from this week’s…

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