Radical Apathy: How Aggressively Choosing Not To Care Will Make You Happier

Thought Catalog

amy halverson Get out of town. Who cares about town? amy halverson

Apathy has a bad rap because we assume it refers to a passionless, passive, lazy loser. But it doesn’t have to. Apathy is a great emotion to feel. For instance, think of an ex you had a bad breakup with — it’s a welcome emotion when we can finally let go of anger and hurt and blissfully feel nothing towards that person. Apathy means you’ve finally found freedom from the bondage of anger and resentment.

More commonly, think about the person who reads the news all day. They can read story after story on Gawker that viciously rips apart people who aren’t as morally superior and intelligent as audience presumes itself to be. You become outraged precisely because you are paying attention. But what does outrage get you? An emotion that makes you feel temporarily superior, but is overall…

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