Why You’ve Already Met Your Soul Mate

Thought Catalog

Neil KrugNeil Krug

Love is love. No love is better than the other. The love of a family member is the love of a friend is the love of a lover. It’s all love. We look for love, but we have never not had love. We are surrounded by love. It is in every small detail and every grand moment.

In a way, a soul mate completes you for a time. A soul mate is, perhaps more directly, a soul match. Your soul finds another soul and that soul match creates something necessary and important. This can be romantic love, friendship love, familial love, or any other definition of love that is not necessary. All love is love.

We can have a soul match with many people. In fact, we do. There is not just one soul mate. There are many. And, they join us on our journey of life for…

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