21 Unusual Struggles Only True Free Spirits Will Understand

Thought Catalog

Almost FamousAlmost Famous

1. The never-ending search for your keys, wallet, and cell phone, which somehow always end up somewhere completely obvious, like under your comforter or at the bottom of your bag.

2. Having to have same conversation you feel like you have with every friend, every weekend, that basically consists of you trying to convince them to do something fun and outside of your usual routine, like trying a new bar or going to hang out with cool people you just met.

3. People telling you that your article of clothing is “so different!” in a tone that says “so not anything I would ever fucking wear!”

4. Being unusually attached to old possessions with no material value that you just can’t get rid of and drag to every new place you live in.

5. Wanting everyone to hang out in big groups and just get along so much that you forget…

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