21 Incredibly Sweet Perks Of Being In Our Mid-20s That We Take For Granted

Thought Catalog

1. Fearing people less. I think the stages of life go something like this: When you’re a young child, you’re fearless. You get older and start putting people in categories, some of which you fear. When you’re a teen, you may rebel but you’re still somewhat consumed by the thoughts of other people. When you start coming into yourself in adulthood, you start to shed off the idea that people should have such a stronghold on you. And it feels freaking great.

2. Dealing with rejection better. Sometimes life can feel like a series of rejections, all of which are intended to break you completely and make you afraid to even try. But here’s the thing: The feeling you have during (and after) rejection of any kind – they always go away, no matter how bad you thought it would be. And because that pain tends to be fleeting, we…

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