10 Life Hacks You’ll Actually Find Useful

Thought Catalog

“Life Hacks” are, in theory, little tips and tricks to make your life easier. They’re constantly appearing in infographics on websites such as Pinterest and Tumblr, and they tend to consist of “useful” tips for repurposing household objects to simplify and save money. You read them and decide that you’re going to totally DIY your house, but let’s be serious, you never actually end up fitting that towel rack on to the inside of your cupboard and how often do you need to fill a container that won’t fit in the sink? An actually helpful “Life Hack” is a rare gem, so here are ten of my personal favorites that I use on a regular basis and have actually made my life easier!

1. Take pictures of everything.

Take pictures of bus timetables and maps so you always have a reference, take pictures of the inside of your fridge/cupboards before…

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