7 Things I Learned From Damon Salvatore

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The Vampire DiariesThe Vampire Diaries

1. To Love Passionately 

Love like it’s all you’ve got! That all-consuming, larger-than-life, can-only-exist-in-a-faraway-universe love. Something that might get you that weird ‘look’ when you speak of it and actually say it out loud it in front of people. Damon teaches you to believe in it. Hell, even raise your long lost love from an underground crypt because you love them.  

2. That it is Okay to Lose It Every Once In A While 

It is abso-freakin’-lutely fine to snap every now and then. While it is highly not advisable to lie on the road, in the middle of nowhere, feigning death and then going straight for the jugular and sucking the life out of an unsuspecting individual just because you are going through a bad break up, but it is alright to vent. 

3. To Be Your Own Person 

The fact that…

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