5 Essential Things You Need To Keep In Mind To Set Healthy Boundaries

Thought Catalog


Are you often dissatisfied with how you are treated?

People will only treat you as you allow them to treat you. This is great news because you have a say in it.

I was the professional “nice guy”. I took the brunt of other’s misdirected anger, rarely turned down requests, and tried to just be pleasant even when I was disrespected or wasn’t listened to for years. I avoided conflict like the plague, which just led me to act passive-aggressively.

This immaturely and maladaptively communicated to myself and others that I was weak and I was a victim. It led to me being run all over. “They are just bad people” I would think. And I became angrier about how people treated me until I realized that it was mostly because of me.

I did not have healthy boundaries. And I had to take charge if I wanted to have healthy relationships for the…

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