16 Things Successful Women Wish They’d Known 10 Years Ago

Thought Catalog

For much of my 20s, I was on the look out, not the look in.

I would often become defensive, jagged and ungraceful with my expression, especially in intimate partnership.

Now, I’ve shifted toward the belief that self-inquiry is a prerequisite for self-expression. I asked myself enough questions to be able to live more freely in alignment with who I really am.

Then, I started asking others how they did it.

All of the women you’ll read about here are in the business of living all of themselves — every gritty, honest, beautiful cell of their experience. This is what I strive for myself, and this is what I believe can shift worlds — the authentic expression of every human being.

I’m writing a book about this belief, encompassing the full-length version of each of these interviews, interweaved with memoir. I’ve plucked out weeds/gems from my life, inspired by what…

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